Community Engagement is a term strategic and community planners use to describe the way they are given information by the general public in order to have the best possible outcome for everybody. Lots of projects that happen in Invercargill have been supported along the way by community engagement. Helping with an engagement team does not mean that your ideas will definitely be used or that the public has the final say. But it does mean that not only do the planners know what most people really want, it also means that everyone has had the chance to have their say, which can be useful when a project is difficult, expensive or controversial.

Community Engagement can happen in many ways – from just making sure as many people as possible know what’s happening, to holding workshops where people share their ideas. Working groups from different parts of the community – including iwi, people working in relevant fields and passionate innovators – collaborate to help to shape the way the engagement happens.

By filling in surveys, attending workshops and talking to Engagement teams you are becoming part of the process. Sometimes it is easy to feel that things happen in your city that are beyond your control, and Community Engagement is just one way of making sure you stay involved and informed.